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  Selection of steel roof panels


Selection of steel roof panels

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For the steel structure roof panels, we generally have the following options.

1.Sandwich panel: It is composed of two layers of waterproof color coated steel plate or other metal as the panel, and filled with sandwich board materials in the middle. The commonly used sandwich materials include polystyrene, polyurethane and rock wool. This kind of roof board has good thermal insulation performance, but when the board length exceeds a certain requirement, it will be difficult to transport

Rockwool sandwich panel
Glass wool sandwich panel

2.On-site sandwich panel - glass insulation cotton is laid on the construction site, and the roof panel can be processed on site according to the length requirements. This kind of roof panel has good thermal insulation performance, and the whole roof can be free of overlapping and convenient for transportation

3.Corrugated steel corlorful sheet - corrugated steel corlorful sheet formed by rolling of color steel plate. This panel is light in weight, high in strength, flexible and fast in installation, but it does not have thermal insulation effect.

Corrugated steel corlorful sheet

Which one do you prefer?