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    Qingdao Steel Building Co., Ltd a manufacturer of steel structure, prefabricated steel structure buildings, steel structure buildings from China, we can design and supply all kinds of steel hangar kits, steel hall, steel structure storage shed, steel villa frame, steel structure warehouse, steel structure workshop, steel construction building, commercial buildings, aircraft hangars, stands, platform, indoor horse arena, churches, Logistics Warehouse, apartment building,office building,steel hotel building, steel structure mezzanine floor, industrial buildings , processing plants, steel warehouses, shopping malls,water tower,structural frame, poultry houses,poultry farm building, chicken farm buildings,chicken house,broiler house,cow barn cow shed, dairy farm building, pig building house, goat building house, agricultural buildings and many other steel structures and many other steel structures. We have worldwide clients such as France, Iceland, Czech Republic, Poland, Angola, Senegal, Nigeria, Mozambique, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Israel, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Reunion, Mauritius, South Africa, Angola, Senegal, Cô Te d'Ivoire, Hungary, France, etc.

    Qingdao Steel Building Co., Ltd has 2 complete steel structure production lines. Slitting avoids the edge defects of traditional flame cutting. Laser cutting parts improves the appearance of the product. The H-beam 3D drilling machine improves the precision of hole making. The C / Z steel production line has high precision, and various types of profiled corrugated steel plate and composite sandwich panel production line have greatly satisfied the various needs of customers at home and abroad. Qingdao Steel Building Co., Ltd the annual production capacity is: welding H-beams and steel beams 30,000 tons , 8,000 tons of C and Z-beams, 100,000 square meters of sandwich panels, and 8,000 tons of corrugated steel plates and coils.

Slitting Steel Plate

Qingdao Steel Building Co.,Ltd use slitting cutting avoid most of the defect of flame cutting, such as edge defect, edge unevenness, crack, roughness, dregs etc,reduce the steel structure fabricate term

Laser Cuting End Plate

Qingdao Steel Building Co., Ltd uses laser cutting, greatly improves the cutting accuracy and quality,also will greatly avoid the deformation of some components and the generation of welding porosity

3D H Beam Drilling

Qingdao Steel Building Co., Ltd adopts 3D H beam driling machine, which can realize H beam web & flange drilling in three directions at once,this strongly improve the precision of hole making


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Qingdao Steel Building Advantage


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A Fast Team

Qingdao Steel Building Co.,Ltd have a united and orderly work team, from sales to design to production and transportation, and the installation links are closely coordinated, which improves the speed of response and the ability to solve problems

Certification Authority

Qingdao Steel Building Co., Ltd. has various patents and international certifications such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, EN1090 EXC2, CE, IWE, ISO9001.3.2 material certificate, welder certificate, etc.


    Long Time Experience

    Qingdao Steel Building Co.,Ltd Already export abroad China more than 16 years ,the steel structure can be design below standard:
    1.Europe standard: EN1090 EXC2  -CE approved
    2.Africa Standard:EN1090 BS5950-2 GB etc- CE BV SGS approved
    3.Middle Asia Standard:EN1090 BS5950-2 GB etc- CE BV SGS approved
    4.South east Asia:BS5950-2 GB etc- BV SGS approved-
    5.Australia Standard:AS-4100-1998- SGS approved-
    6.America:AISC 360-16 EN1090 BS5950-2 GB etc- BV SGS approved-

  • Professional Design

    Qingdao Steel Building Co.,Ltd With help of modern designing softwares such as AutoCAD, PKPM,3D3S, SAP2000, TSSD, Tekla Structures (Xsteel), 3DS MAX we provide full designing and detiling service to all customers.

Qingdao Steel Building Advantage

Your prefabricated Steel Structure Buildings will be supplied as following:

  • Installation 2D & 3D drawing,installation video and guide with pictures,storage introuduce;
  • All Steel structure Frame parts with prefabricated,(hole,weld,surface treatment etc);
  • All the Roof and Wall Panels already cut to size for your size structure,;
  • All the Bolts, Screws , pop-rivets, anchor bolts needed to secure your structure;
  • Completely window and door include glass, hinge,handle etc hardware;
  • Flashing and Silicone to further help seal insulate your structure;
  • Other Accessories if needed:gutter,water spout,ventilators,stairs etc;
  • Other internal simple equipment:LED light,shelf racks etc.

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