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  Composition and advantages of color steel plate


Composition and advantages of color steel plate

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Color steel plate is actually color coated steel plate, with a kind of organic coating steel plate. Color steel plate is divided into a variety of types, including but not limited to veneer, color steel composite plate, floor bearing plate, etc.What are the benefits of color plate? Why choose color steel plate?

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Color steel plate coating is the use of galvanized steel plate after chemical treatment of the surface of the composite organic film in baking and curing. We all know the performance of steel, color steel plate as its homologous products in the performance of nature and steel has a great deal of the same.

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Color steel plate has high mechanical strength, easy to form, the use of good paint and make it has the performance of corrosion resistance, has gradually become a new material in today's society decoration.Specifically, the advantages of color steel plate are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Convenient installation

Compared with other building materials, color steel plate can ensure strong performance at the same time, but also can not control the weight. Color plate itself light weight, can be cut at will, can be spliced installation. In the installation time can greatly improve the labor efficiency, improve efficiency, shorten the construction period. It is worth mentioning that the sandwich plate of fire color steel plate is thermal insulation material, also non-combustible material, can fully meet the needs of fire protection building.

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2.Long use time

After many investigations and studies, the results show that more than 40 years of extensive use abroad confirmed that the shelf life of color steel plate after special coating treatment is as high as 15 years, if every ten years of spraying anticorrosive materials, the service life can even reach more than 35 years. In addition, color steel plate color diversity, beautiful appearance, can meet the needs of a variety of architectural styles, beautiful effect.

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3.folding heat insulation

The commonly used materials of color steel plate composite board are glass fiber cotton, polystyrene and other materials with very low thermal conductivity, so it has good thermal insulation effect. Even in the cold winter, color steel plate can largely meet the needs of insulation.

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In addition to the development of external factors in society, the increase in the demand for life, color steel plate has such a large market, or lies in its convenient and strong performance.If you have any questions about color steel plate products, please feel free to contact us.