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  Types of Chickens and Breeding Methods

Chickens are generally divided into three types: Broiler, Breeder, Egg layer hen.

1.Broiler: It grows quickly, has a short feeding time, and has a feeding period of about 60 days. It is specially used for people's consumption.

2.Breeder chickens: laying hens whose eggs have been fertilized, and fertilized eggs can hatch into chicks, which are divided into broiler breeders and layer breeders. Belongs to the dual-purpose breed of chicken

3.Egg layer hens: Chickens that specialize in laying eggs, Eggs are for people to eat.

There are two ways to raise chickens: Flat raising and Cage raising

Flat raising are divided into the following three types:

Steel Structure Chicken House

1.Floor Free Flat: Simple equipment requirements and low investment.

Steel Structure Chicken House
Steel Structure Chicken House

2.Grid Flat Advantages: Chickens live on the grid, the feces fall under the net, and the chickens do not directly contact the feces, which is conducive to disease control; the stocking density is the highest, and 4-5 breeding chickens can be raised per square meter.

Steel Structure Chicken House

3.Mixed floor feeding :The egg production and egg fertilization rate of chickens are higher than that of grid flat rearing.

Cage raising:

Steel Structure Chicken House

Main advantages of cage

1.Increase stocking density

2.Save feed.

3.Chickens do not come into contact with feces, which is beneficial for chicken flocks to prevent epidemics