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  Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop Building

Product Information

Prefabricated steel structure workshop is one of the innovative technologies in building construction solutions. Its econimical price, convinient tranportation and quick installation make it more and more polular in construction area.

Prefabricated steel structure workshop is usually component by H steel column, H steel beam, purlin, roof sheet, wall sheet, rolling door and windows, etc.

All of main structure part (H column & beam) will be fixed by high strength bolts and the purlin will be fixed on the column and beam by 4.8S bolts, which makes the workshop frame erection faster than traditional concrete construction system.

Steel structure workshop’s roof and wall is steel sheet or sandwich panel, which is lighter and spend less time to etect.

Erection on site picture

The date need to provide to get the steel structure workshop price:

1. Max. Wind speed on site;

2. Max. Snow load on site;

3. What is the roof and wall material? There are color steel sheet and sandwich panel to provided.

4. Qty. & size for windows and doors;

5. Crane specification;

If there is drawing for the prefabricated steel structure workshop, pls no hesitate to send, it will be better to us to calculate and quote.