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  Hot dip galvanized Elevated overhead water tank

Steel structural hot dip galvanized Elevated Overhead water tank ,Elevated water tank ,storage water tank ,steel stanchions tank stand

The Steel structural Overhead water tank ,Elevated water tank can be painted and hot-dip galvanized, with  safe, sturable, anti-corrosive, shock proof, and earthquake resistance performance. All the parts will be assemble and installed by bolts,no need weld at site. 

1) The steel water tower/stand specifications:
Steel Column/Steel Main Beam/Secondary Beam: Q355B, painted / hot-dip galvanized thickness 85um
Brace/cage Ladder with protection/Handrail/Steel Grating: Q235B, painted /hot-dip galvanized thickness 85um
Bolts: ​High strength10.9s/8.8s,Dacromet treatment 

Water tank support structureH beam, U channel, angle steel, steel plate,round pipe etc with paint or galvanized surface treatment
Cage ladder and platformAccording customer’s request
HandrailAccording customer’s request
water tank materialHot dip galvanized steel

2) Water tank specifications:

Overhead water tank capacity1m2~5000m2
Overhead water tank sizeAccording to water volume or customer’s request
Overhead water tank use life≥20 years
Panel materialMild carbon steel gradeQ235A
Panel size1220*1220mm,1000*1000mm
Panel thickness5mm,4.5mm,3mm,2.5mm,2mm,1.5mmAccording to the tanks dimension
Bolts ,nuts and washersHot dip galvanized material
Sealing materialNon-toxic PVC Foam tape should be used in between joints
Cover1.4mm~3.0mm thick hot dip galvanized material
Ladders and level indicatorHot dip galvanized material
water tank 2D drawing
water tank 3D drawing
finished elevated water tank