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  Steel Structure Fasteners
High Strength Bolt

High Strength Bolt:It is made of 10.9S grade or 8.8S grade high-quality alloy structural steel and made by heat treatment. The high-strength bolt holes should be drilled into holes. In general, high-strength bolts can withstand larger loads than ordinary bolts of the same specification.

Normal Bolt

Normal Bolt: Generally, it refers to the bolts required by low strength grades, usually ordinary bolts of grade 4.8.

Self-tapping bolt

Self-tapping bolt: generally refers to a pointed, coarse-toothed, hard-textured screw. It can "tap-drill, squeeze, and press the solidified body by its own thread on the solidified material." ” out the corresponding threads to make them fit tightly with each other.

Basket bolts

Basket bolts: Use the lead screw to extend and retract, which can adjust the tightness of the wire rope. The components can be bundled during component transportation and loose during installation and alignment.

Anchorl bolt

Anchorl bolt:When the mechanical components are installed on the concrete foundation, the J-shaped and L-shaped ends of the bolts are embedded in the concrete for use.

Chemical bolts

Chemical bolts:Chemical bolts consist of chemical hoses, screws, washers and nuts. Screws, washers and nuts (hexagon) are generally available in galvanized steel and stainless steel (also hot-dip galvanized as required). Chemical bolts are a type of post-embedded parts, which are used in embedded parts leaking or post-construction projects.