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Product Information

Poultry Shed is a kind of light steel structure with the main framework which is composed of main feeding system, chain feeding system, nipple drinking system, ventilation system, environmental control system, and spraying system. The wall is made with EPS, PU, fiber glass, or rock wool sandwich panel or steel mesh. The roof is made with one layer corrugated steel sheet or colored sandwich panels.

Building your poultry houses requires understanding of the specific, demanding conditions to ensure a trouble-free construction. This is exactly what We can offer you.As a manufacturer and constructor of buildings in cold-formed steel, we are constantly optimizing our building solutions to adapt to the requirements of your dynamic business.

Steel structure chicken photo:

Steel poultry farm building will supply

For your ease and comfort, we will pre-design your building according your demand for fast and efficient installation on your site.

The interior steel frame is made to order, all sizes exactly cut, all holes pre-drilled and all nuts and bolts supplied. Upon correct installation following the guidelines and shop drawing we supplied you do not need cut or weld anything. Just bolt together.

All coverage panels are cut to size, gable ends already cut with the roof angle. All you need to do is slide all the parts together, fit some anchoring screws and bolts and your structure is complete.

Length of structure and quantities vary according to length of structure ordered. (Refer to your quote and invoice for exact quantities)

Your steel poultry farm kit is supplied with the following

1)All Steel Frame parts with prefabricated. (hole,weld,surface treatment etc)
2)All the Roof and Wall Panels already cut to size for your size structure.
3)Completely window and door with hinge,handle etc hardware
4)Bolts, Screws and pop-rivets needed to secure your structure.
5)flashing and Silicone to further help insulate your structure.
6)Other Accessories you have choose: gutter,water spout,ventilation fitting,stairs etc
7)Other internal simple equipment:LED light,shelf racks etc

Poultry farm chicken broiler house

Different countries have distinct climate, market and habits requirements. Generally the width of broiler house is 12m-16m, length is less than 150m, height is 2.1m-3m(for free range) or 2.5m-4.5m(in A type cage or H type)

Our steel structure design poultry farm can be built with different construction methods, close type(sandwich panel for wall and roof, also you can choose the ceiling type) and open type(sandwich panel or steel sheet &aluminum bubble foil for roof, no wall or wire mesh & curtain for wall).
Also you can give us your thoughts, we will help you to realize it.

Steel structure chicken farm drawing:

Normally chicken poultry farm housing can build in two type: Open chicken farm house and Closed chicken farm house

Whether it is an open house or a closed house, there are two forms of flat raising feeding ( yard-housing chicken )and cage raising feeding (cage-housing chicken.)

Flat raising feeding chicken house have two kinds : ground raising and high-level mesh raising
Cage raising feeding chicken house have two kinds: overlapping cages( H shape chicken cage )and stepped cages(A shape chicken cage).

Recommended chicken farm size

Broiler floor raising poultry farm

No.ModelSize(m)Birds/ houseFeeding linesDrinking lines

Layer cage poultry farm

ModelTiesLength/ cage
Width/ cage
Height/ cage
Area/ bird
Capacity/ cageCapacity/ set

Broiler cage poultry farm

Pan feeding cageTiesSize(mm)Area/ unit
Tier height
Total cage height
BC-442041800X 3000X 460540007703650105x4 =420

How to order a chicken farm from us

1.Project location?
2. Load of your building.
Wind speed(KM/H)    /   Snow load (KG/M2) if have   /   Earthquake load if have
3. Size: width x Length x Eave height ?(if do not have the building size please go to question 7 directly)
4.roof and wall coverage?
5.cool pad , fan, manual door, gate size and quantity etc?
6. Surface treatment : Paint or hot dip galvanize
The following question if for clients who do not know the exactly size of the building size:
7.How many chicken do you want to feeding?
8.free range or cage raising?
9.open or closed environmental control chicken house?

Generally configuration for a chicken house farm:

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Building typeOpening
--Suitable for areas where the climate is warm and not hot
--Natural wind, when the weather is too hot, mechanical ventilation and water curtains to cool down
Closed,  (Environmental control)
--Suitable for any climate
Chicken typeBreeder, egg layer hen, broiler etc
breeding typeFlat chicken house, Cage chicken house, Free-range chicken house
 GradeQ345(S355JR)or Q235(S235JR) steel or as request
Clear span:
3~25m without middle column
popular width: 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 15m
popular height 2.4m for flat chicken house, 5m for cage chicken house
Popular bay
(column distance)
3m or 6m
Lengthas your requirement
popular length 30~120m

Optionalconfiguration choose for an economic chicken house building:

Column & RafterH beam use life 30 year 50 year
square tube use life 20 year
C section use life 5-15year
X braceround steel bar, angle steel or as request
PurlinC purlin, Z purlin, thickness2.0mm, 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Wall & Roofsingle corrugated steel sheet (0.3~0.8mm)
EPS, Rockwool, PU panel, glass fiber site sandwich panel
(Thickness:50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm)
popular insulation: EPS and glass fiber
GateElectric roller shutter door
sandwich panel Sliding door
Exit DoorPlastic steel swing door
Aluminum alloy swing door
steel swing door
WindowPlastic steel sliding window
Aluminum alloy sliding window
SurfaceShot blasting with anti rust paint
hot dip galvanize
CertificateISO99001, CE EN1090 EXC2 , IWE etc
Quality ControlThe third party , SGS, ASIA INSPECTION all accept
Other accessoriesfan, vent, ventilation fitting,
cooling pad, curtain,
mesh against bird or mouse,
flash trimming cover, anchor bolt, self tapping screw etc
water line, feed line etc
supply by others
introduce supplier for you
Packagemain steel frame  load in 40'OT, roof and wall panel load in 40'HQ!