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  Fabrication Steel Structure Workshop


Design Fabrication Steel Structure workshop,Light And Simple Prefabricated Steel Structure workshop.

Product Information

Steel Structure Workshop is formed by the main framework through linking up the H beam,C purline,Z purline,U purline steel components. Roof and wall using a variety of panels together with other components such as windows and doors. The steel structure Workshop has the advantages of wide span, high strength, light weight, low cost, temperature protection, save energy,beautiful appearance, short construction time, good effect of insulation, long using life, space-efficient, good seismic performance, flexible layout,etc.

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Steel Structure Workshop Will Supply

For your ease and comfort, we will pre-design your building according your demand for fast and efficient installation on your site.

The interior steel frame is made to order, all sizes exactly cut, all holes pre-drilled and all nuts and bolts supplied. Upon correct installation following the guidelines and shop drawing we supplied you do not need cut or weld anything. Just bolt together.

All coverage panels are cut to size, gable ends already cut with the roof angle. All you need to do is slide all the parts together, fit some anchoring screws and bolts and your structure is complete.

Length of structure and quantities vary according to length of structure ordered. (Refer to your quote and invoice for exact quantities)

Your steel Structure kit warehouse is supplied with the following

1)All Steel Frame parts with prefabricated. (hole,weld,surface treatment etc)

2)All the Roof and Wall Panels already cut to size for your size structure.

3)Completely window and door with hinge,handle etc hardware

4)Bolts, Screws and pop-rivets needed to secure your structure.

5)flashing and Silicone to further help insulate your structure.

6)Other Accessories you have choose: gutter,water spout,ventilation fitting,stairs etc

7)Other internal simple equipment:LED light,shelf racks etc

Steel Structure Workshop Building

For factories, warehouses, industrial units, textile factories, process plants, breweries, chemical plants, refineries, treatment works, mines, recycling centers, food processing, water works, printing works, water processing.

Qingdao Steel building Co.,ltd design and construct all types of factory building as well as metal structures, manufacturing buildings, process plant buildings, and copack buildings. Our industrial buildings are single storey or multi storey.

We build lots of factory buildings every year including industrial estates, technology parks, production units, power stations, process buildings, bottling plants, distilleries and factory building .

The portal frame is a traditional structural system. The main frame of this structure include Roof Rafter ,Steel Column ,Roof Bracing , Purlin ,Tie Beam , Wall Girt and so on. Portal frame steel structure with the advantages of fast production ,easily installation ,short construction time , which is widely used in industrial ,agriculture and commercial buildings .

Steel Structure Workshop  Design Sketch

Steel Portable Frame Type