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  Steel Structure Warehouse-Romania


Steel Structure Warehouse-Romania

  • QD Steel Building

Project Details:

1. Specification: 48.24*20.65*7.3m

2. Main Steel Part: Q345B H section Steel Column, Beam and Mezzanine Beam; Q235 C profile as Roof and Wall Purlin, which are treated oxide primer and gray facing painting;

3. Support Part: Included Tie bar,  Roof and Wall Support between Columns, Bracing, Sleeve Pipe, Angle Steel, etc;

4. Roof Cladding: EPS Sandwich Panel, Thickness=50mm

5. Wall Cladding: EPS Sandwich Panel, Thickness=50mm

6. Door: E-rolling Door

7. Window: Aluminium-alloy Window

8. Skylight on Roof:  Thickness=1.5mm