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  Light steel villa ——  Green building and Good life


Light steel villa —— Green building and Good life

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Steel structure villa in construction is far more simple and convenient than concrete building, and now more and more people like to use steel structure to build villas, as long as the proper maintenance of the service life is very long. So what are the benefits of steel buildings?


The Material Grade of the low level light steel integrated house is Q355(S355JR)or Q235(S235JR) steel, and the Column & Rafter is Welded or Hot rolled H beam, forming a very strong structural system. Moreover, the steel structure has certain ductility when it is stressed, so compared with the traditional brick and concrete structure, this structure system has a stronger ability to resist the seismic and horizontal load, which is suitable for the seismic intensity of 7 - 9 degrees. In the event of a strong earthquake, there will only be deformation but no collapse, fracture, small damage to personnel, conducive to escape, but also reduce the intensity of rescue workers, improve rescue efficiency.

steel structure villa

2.Wind Resistance

H section steel construction adopts high strength steel, good overall rigidity and strong deformation ability. It can resist the wind speed of more than 70 meters per second, so that life and property can be effectively protected.

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The residential structure of light steel structure is all composed of high-strength H section steel member system. The members are made of galvanized or painted Welded or Hot rolled steel plate, which can effectively avoid the influence of corrosion of light steel members in the construction and use process and increase the service life of light steel members. The structure life can reach more than 70 years.

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The light steel wall adopts high efficiency and energy saving system, and the roof has ventilation function to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements inside the roof. The light steel integrated house can span up to 6 - 12 meters, providing more living space for the residents, but also can be divided freely; Light steel integrated housing all materials for green environmental protection building materials, care for your health.

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5.Easy-quickly Construction

All materials can achieve complete factory production, combined installation in the construction site, not only reduce the site construction intensity, but also improve the construction efficiency and project quality.Construction speed is fast, short cycle, high efficiency, not affected by the season, all-weather construction, 300 square meters villa 8 workers, can complete all the work from the construction to the decoration, the construction period is only 1 and a half months.

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